Be Beautiful

Bronwens background was in nursing, but trained in hair, nails and beauty in California, USA in 1987. Her knowledge of nursing complimented her training in beauty by having a better understanding of the human body. Since then she has gained 25 years experience in the beauty industry, working in many different salons through Sussex and Surrey in that time. She has a passion for helping to make people look and feel her best - as much as it is therapy for the clients to experience this, it is also therapy for Bronwen to make her clients feel great about themselves when they leave the salon.

Bronwen believes in using excellent quality products with a proven reputation, and is always on the look out for new products to pass onto her clients - but not before she has trialled them herself. The nail industry became Bronwens forte. When she returned from the USA, in 1991, there were very few nail salons around, and Bronwens training in the States gave her a head start in nail knowledge.