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Our founder and mentor, Kerie Hoy has her very own YouTube Channel for you to enjoy! Featuring all the treatments, tips and tricks we use at the academy, we'll sure you'll soon be a regular viewer.

Holly is a renowned singer and actress; best known for her roles in Waterloo Road, Hollyoaks, The Bill and most recently has been helping cast new reality TV Show Sent To Coventry.

As an actress my face is very important and eye and eyebrows need to be immaculate. I had heard about the BDB concept in America and was excited that they are now in the UK. I popped into the Kerie Hoy Salon on Thursday to get my first BDB experience and my eyebrows look amazing! I am so happy with them and had tons of tweets/FB messages off people, who having seen my brows are now ready to book in for their treatment. I will be back down for my next treatment soon!