Nail Kandy

My goal is to create healthy, beautiful and elegant nails in the comfort of your own home. Or alternatively you can visit me in Staines. We only use Bio Sculpture Gel products which look as thin and natural as your own nails only better! * Regular manicures and pedicures using Bio Sculpture colour varnishes are also available.

Bio Sculpture Gel offers a permanent nail colour that lasts between 2 -3 weeks without wearing or chipping away. Bio Sculpture Gel strengthens and promotes the growth of your natural nails. The gel is applied to the prepared nail in layers and each layer is cured under a UVA lamp in 2 mins, after the treatment is applied your nails are immediately dry - great news for manicures and pedicures no more smudges! After 2 - 3 weeks you can have infills, alternativley you can soak them off in around 15 mins without any damage to your natural nail.