Purity Beauty

Established in 1997 Purity Beauty Salon has grown from strength to strength through the visualisation and determination to bring a calming, relaxing & spiritual experience for the body's needs. With all our therapists having a wealth of experience and knowledge this is what makes Purity Tidworths No. 1 Salon.

Yvonne Shelly Ward started her journey as a beautican in a small back room, now 17 years on she is highly respected in her field. She has also experienced the hard work it demands to build a business. Through her journey Yvonne has been lucky and thankful to have some amazing people and therapists come into her life. With a strong belief that everyday new people come into our lives, wheter it's for a split second, a minute, a year or a lifetime, we come into each others lives for a reason.

Purity is all about a calm, spiritual and relaxing sanctuary for the body, both inside and out, to come and detox the negative and stressful energies away.