What is the one and the only thing that is harder and more challenging than finding the right guy to spend your life with or organising your wedding? Well, it is finding the right hairdresser, of course! It is hard to find someone you can trust completely about one of the most precious things you have – your own. In fact, almost every one of us has at least once in their lifetime had some sort of a bad experience with a hairstylist and, indeed, it is not an easy thing to overcome that quickly.

It happens at least once in a lifetime (if you are lucky enough, of course) to walk into the uncharted hair territory to only walk out with a pretty botched hair and probably some tears in our eyes. However, all the hair accidents can be easily prevented if you find the right hairdresser to suit your specific needs (because everyone’s needs for their hair are specific and unique). So here are some of the top tips and ideas for finding the right hairdresser before you plan your next big hair makeover.

Start by asking around

No matter if you have just moved into a new city and you are looking for your next new and trusted favourite stylist or you are currently in the search of a professional who can suit your needs and ideas and make the most when you are planning a dramatic change in your style, you usually start by asking around and see what others you trust can recommend. Word-of-mouth is usually a good, quick, and easy way to find your new favourite hairdresser. When it comes to hairstylists it is easier to be able to see their work without even visiting them because their clients are like their walking portfolios and showcases of their talent and work. So next time you spot a cut or a colour you like a lot, make sure to ask the person where they do their hair.

Book a blowout

A quick and simple blowout is the best way to see how a hair professional is working and whether or not they are a good fit for you without making a dramatic change with your hair to be disappointed at the end. In fact, a blowout will not damage your hair, won’t cost too much, and will give you a general idea about the style of work of the hairstylist and also their persona too.

Know your products

If you have a strong love about a certain brand of hair products you use for years and have a major trust in them, why not visit the brand’s or manufacturer’s website and have a check. Many of these websites have their own located of hair salons working with the products of the brand. This is a good way for searching for local and neighbourhood salons that are also convenient to visit on a regular basis and you will also be sure that your hair will always be treated with your favourite products.

Use social media

If all other ideas and tips fail, you can always bet on social media. Thanks to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. nowadays we can easily find and access the public profiles of hair stylists and professionals who regularly share their work online. This is a pleasant, easy, and quick way to do good research and find the hairdresser you are looking for.