The past 2 years have been unusual and strange in many aspects and the beauty world does not make an exception. With beauty salons and services and fashion stores all around the UK being closed due to a couple of lockdowns, our homes became the places where we take care of our appearance and confidence. It is not strange that Google searches for in-home manicures, haircuts, hair colouring, hair removal and all that jazz have seen probably the greatest rose of all times of the existence of the search engine. The hopes for the new year are set high and everyone has the belief that soon everything will be back to normal, therefore, the new year welcomes us with some new beauty trends. It is time to forget about the day we have spent in loungewear and PJs inside the house and think of what will be trendy in the new year and break up the monotony on no makeup and natural hair.

In fact, these two conflicting viewpoints are now interpreted by the beauty world and they have become the two main leitmotifs of the new year’s beauty trends. For example, beauty gurus predict that the bold eyeliner and eyeshadow looks will be the top makeup trend of the year, mainly because we are still wearing masks and this is the only part of the face we can make a statement with. However, it is also expected that the supernatural look with almost no makeup on and just glowy and clear skin will be another trend everyone will go crazy about in the upcoming months, just because it is hard to be bothered with dramatic makeup looks after months and months of wearing no makeup inside the house. In the spirit of looking forward and hoping for better times and being back to normal pretty soon, here are is a rundown of all the amazing beauty trends that will be totally in style in the upcoming year.


The big part of the previous year was under the main inspiration of skinimalism and the new one won’t make an exception. What skinimalism means is wearing minimal or no makeup in order to embrace the beauty of your natural skin. As you can tell, it is an effortless trend everyone could follow. Since many of us are wearing less makeup than usual, we are now mainly focused on skincare and able to deal with all those skin issues and blemishes. As a result, it is hard to be tempted to cover this wonderful skin you have taken care of for so long, so embrace it girl, be proud of the results you have managed to achieve. More and more people are now upping their skincare game so don’t miss to take advantage of the moment and take good care of your beautiful face.

Claw Clips

Claw clips make a big comeback in the new year and you will see a lot of them. No matter if butterflies, pearl-encrusted, barrettes or else, claw clips are worn by many celebrities and naturally they will become part of the uniform of the fashionista. Now, one of the biggest advantages of claw clips is that they can create an elegant and beautiful hairstyle in seconds and they easily hide hair that has not been cut for months due to the hair salons being closed. In addition, claw clips work perfectly with a bunch of styles, no matter if you are going for casual or elegant and formal. Expect the styles to go more elaborate as the year goes on.

Eighties Vibes

The new year will be the perfect time for the return of the eighties that will break the role the nineties used to make for more than a couple of years now. A quick stroll on Instagram and you will be able to spot at least a few bold looks inspired by the decade and celebrities are not late to hop on the wagon in the latest music videos. When thinking of some of the makeup staples of the eighties, think of blush draping and bright blue eyeliner. Now, you are probably frightened by the idea of the return of the eighties since the decade still brings its bad reputation for over-the-top makeup looks, but worry not, because the bold looks will be interpreted through the modern-day aesthetic and trends will feel more adaptable to the world nowadays.

French Manicure with a Twist

Don’t forget about the nails, despite the fact it is easy to get tempted and forget about them for months. Well, not everyone could be bothered to take care of their nails until the nail salons are not opened, however, if you want to be more creative, here is what is expected to be trendy on our nails in the upcoming year. Dressing up your classic French many will be popping in the new year with everything from funny stickers to glitter and gems.

Bold Eyes

Now, as we have already mentioned, it seems like we will still wear the masks for some time, which means we should continue putting the focus on the makeup of the eyes. The new year will unexpectedly take the classic eyeliner and give it a twist. Now is the best time to play with different eyeliner colours and definitely glitter. If you are more creative and want to try something really interesting, why don’t you try rainbow eyeliner?

Next-Level Protective Styles

Now, with hair salons remaining closed during the second strict lockdown for the past few months, DIY protective hairstyles are getting more and more popular and the new year is pushing them to the next level and making them extra trendy.


The no-makeup makeup look is continuing to be on top of all trends of the new year. However, it can get a bit boring, therefore, if you want to add a bit of spice to all that, you should definitely go for the monochrome vibe and elevate your makeup while still keeping your overall look subtle and simple. Multiuse products are great for the monochrome look as you can use them for your lips, cheeks and eyes all at once.

Retro Nail Styles

Seventies-inspired nail designs will be hip during the new year, so make sure that this year you will see a lot of swirly designs, a lot of squiggles, and shapes that are much subtle and calming and less standing out. An earthy colour palette is suitable for these simple and beautiful designs, but you can also go for a crisp contrast of black and white and still get that retro vibe.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been around for quite some time now and there is no way they will go out of style in the upcoming year. Everybody loves them for the French chic and charm they bring to your overall appearance. Easy to style and maintain, curtain bangs are very feminine and can fit practically everyone.

Bold and Red

Well, as far as hair colours go, expect to see a lot of warm and rich tones during the new year. Scarlet and copper hair colours are having a big moment right now, however, if these options are too much for you, you can go for something more subtle but still very trendy like shades of peach, cinnamon brown, strawberry blonde.