Orange peels have beneficial properties and are used in many traditional medicine recipes for prevention, strengthening of immunity, and recovery. According to Ayurveda, orange peels are bitter, and this bitterness has a very good effect on the metabolism in the human body and improves digestion. It is an effective remedy for relieving nausea. Orange peel powder helps to dissolve mucus in the airways, combats coughs, and even asthma.

Oranges are high in essential oils, which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. They keep stomach acidity at a healthy level. They also assist in liver cleansing. Essential oils in orange peels help to neutralise extra cholesterol, making them ideal for people who are overweight. Scientists claim that flavonoid hesperidin helps to prevent osteoporosis and colon cancer.

Because orange oils have a calming effect, they can be used in baths and inhalations to treat sleeplessness and nervous weariness. Dry coughs respond well to candied orange peel. The treatment calms the mucous membranes and encourages phlegm separation. A decoction made from the peel might aid with hunger and digestion. The zest can also be used for rinsing in the treatment and prevention of dental illnesses.

Regularly adding dry orange peels to tea or simply brewing 1 teaspoon of zest in a glass of water helps normalize digestion, reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood, and prevents colds. Orange peels are great helpers to natural beauty since they contain antioxidants that protect your skin. They are an excellent remedy for oily skin, for example, and make the skin soft and smooth, more balanced and reduce oiliness. Orange peel particles are a natural scrub that easily exfoliates all unnecessary skin particles, including blackheads. In addition, they also fight acne. Here are some recipes for you!

Orange scented body scrub Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of light brown sugar
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • ½ cup of olive oil
  • 5 drops of sweet orange essential oil
  • 2 tbsp. crushed dried orange peels

Combine the white sugar and light brown sugar in a mixing dish and whisk. Stir in the extra virgin olive oil. In a separate bowl, combine the essential oils and stir well. Fill a glass jar with the scrub and close it.

Orange peels for problem skin

Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, orange peels are a particularly efficient natural cure for problem skin. All you need to do to fight pimples is make a simple ointment out of powdered dried orange peels and petroleum jelly. You may prevent pimples from emerging by applying them to sensitive areas.

Orange peel for perfect oral hygiene

Substitute 1-2 organic orange peels for chewing gum after meals. What is the reason behind this? The antibacterial characteristics of orange peels will help you battle bad breath while also benefiting from the antibacterial properties of the citrus fruit. The peels may also be used to whiten your teeth. Simply rub your teeth with the inside of a fresh orange peel or add ground crusts to your toothpaste. This will strengthen your teeth while also assisting in the removal of yellow plaque. This approach is absolutely safe and has no effect on tooth sensitivity.

Hair rinsing with orange peel

Hair that has been rinsed with peels will shine and be easy to comb. The recipe is easy to follow: Using 1-2 teaspoons of fresh or dried citrus peel per glass of water, pour boiling water over the peels. Allow the mixture to steep and cool for 3-5 hours before filtering and rinsing the hair with it.

A face mask made with orange peel and honey

The mask smoothens the skin and efficiently removes impurities. Honey and zest are blended in equal parts and gently massaged over the face. After waiting 8-10 minutes, wash the mask off with warm water and apply a mild moisturizer.

Homemade bath soak with orange peel

Pour 1 litre of boiling water over 1-2 cups of fresh or dried orange peel. The mixture is cooled and filtered. Add half a glass of sea salt and honey, plus a few drops of your favourite essential oil. The resulting liquid is poured into a bath. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal effect, the peel copes well with rashes and heals wounds.