Pampering yourself every now and then, without any occasion and just for the sake to feel and look amazing, is a necessity, no matter if you are female or male, how old are you and what you are doing in life. If it were up to us, we would have a pampering or SPA procedure every single day! Is it too much to ask for? Oh, well, it probably is, but an occasional pampering session (and we are not talking about the home-made version, but a really relaxing and professional one) is still a mandatory, because of that today we share with you the top beautifying treatments you should definitely try at least once in your life and enjoy them. We do not have any responsibility, if you get hooked up, however. So no matter if you want to spend a full day of relaxing, rejuvenate your senses or change the look you have, here are top 10 beauty services to take advantage of!


If you are searching the magic behind looking young forever, microdermabrasion treatment is the key! Well, perhaps not forever, but the beauty treatment will certainly make your skin look younger and fresher because microdermabrasion will give your face a new lease on life. If you are wondering what the beauty treatment actually stands for, here it is – exfoliation of the skin and removing dead skin, plus removing blemishes in a longer run, through massaging an exfoliating cream with miniature crystals onto the face with a tiny vacuum-like device. Perhaps this description sounds a bit too strange or fancy to you, but believe us, you will fall in love with the treatment only after the first procedure because you will end up with very smooth, fresh and glowing skin.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is one of the most highly recommended and preferred treatments for a good-looking and healthy hair. In fact, keratin is a protein that is naturally found in your hair and the essence of the therapy is putting back what your hair has lost due to the impact of environment, usage of hair tools, your diet, your health, etc. One of the most impressive advantages of keratin hair therapy and what makes people want to have this treatment is the visual part – you will end up with a very smooth, silk-like hair with no frizz and dryness. However, the real power of the keratin therapy is hiding in its potential to make your hair extra healthy in a long run. The recommended treatments are every three months.

Callus Remover Pedicure

Most of us are keen on forgetting the condition of their feet and pedicure, especially if it is not summertime and we are not wearing open toe shoes. However, a glamorous pedicure is important all year round, not only when you are on a holiday. Because of that a callus remover pedicure treatment is one more necessity you would like to try. When we tell you that your feet will never feel happier, as they will feel after this treatment, you need to believe us. Although the treatment itself is not exactly that glamorous, the results are truly glamorous and impressive. After all the struggles and challenges you put your feet through on a daily basis, it is really surprising how most of us are not paying attention to them. So if you want to pamper your loyal feet, try callus remover pedicure treatment and you will thank us later. Just a little hint to make you want the service even more – it includes some serious feet massaging!

Laser Hair Removal

We are absolutely sure that not only the vast majority of you have heard of laser hair removal treatments, but we are sure that all of you have dreamed about it. It is pretty understandable why – simply imagine the comfort and freedom of not worrying about unshaved legs. With this treatment, you are prepared for some unexpected holidays all year round and you will be happy to enjoy smooth and silky skin no matter the season and without putting any effort. Forget about the painful epilator sessions, forget about the raiser cuts and burns, forget about challenging waxing, laser hair removal is the most convenient and simple way to say goodbye to the hairy legs and armpits. Although the treatment can be considered as a pretty serious investment, due to the price per session and the need of 6 sessions on average, the procedure worth every penny and you will soon find that out. However, the procedure is not highly recommended for some people with certain skin types or hair types, so make sure to ask for professional advice first.

Professional Teeth Whitening

A white and glamorous smile is one of the most important things and certainly something you want to invest your money into. There are many DIY treatment ideas for making your smile sparkling white at home, but if you want optimal results and you don’t want to risk the health of your teeth, professional treatment is a must.

Professional Blowout

Most of you have already benefited from this very simple and cheap, but definitely extremely impressive procedure and we are sure that you want to do it over and over again. Professional hair blowout is something that you cannot achieve at home because professionals have really good equipment and a lot, a lot of talent. Every time you need a little boost, a professional blowout is a key to make you feel and look simply amazing.

Mud Wrap

Mud wraps are popular and recognised as a very beneficial treatment and it is no wonder why so many people enjoy the process and the final results too. If you want to make your skin silky soft, or firm and tone your body, mud wrap is simply one of the best treatments to achieve these wonderful results. Additionally, it is hard to neglect the fact that a mud wrap treatment is highly relaxing and enjoyable. Do allow yourself the indulgence of a relaxing mud wrap at the end of a hectic and challenging working weak and you will feel yourself reborn.


We doubt it that there is anyone, who is not familiar with all the benefits for health that acupuncture treatment can offer. However, are you familiar with the fact that acupuncture is also beneficial for your outer beauty? Although the process of inserting thin needles into your skin, which acupuncture actually is, may sound very scary to many of you, do not get misled by the description – acupuncture is neither painful nor discomforting. The treatment is often recommended by doctors and usually used for relaxation, de-stressing and getting rid of tension, reducing pain and inflammation, and overall improving health. But you know that inner and outer beauty are all bond together, so you can expect some beautifying results too.

Deep Tissue Massage

Oh, Its Holy Majesty, the all-time favourite of youngsters and adults, the amazing deep tissue massage. There is a more pleasant and efficient way to restart your body, organism, senses and mind that this extremely beneficial and enjoyable massage. Although it is specifically designed for chronic muscle pain and tension, everyone can take advantage of the procedure and allow yourself a pampering session. You are guaranteed to feel so much better, after all, extra relaxed and free. However, if you have very sensitive skin and really low pain tolerance, we would recommend you some other kinds of massage treatment.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Ok, this one is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, that's why we left it for the end, but if you are one of those people that prefer to take care of the bikini line and enjoy a carefree month (or even longer, it is all very individually), the Brazilian bikini wax is your good friend. The procedure is something that you need to try at least once in your life and see how you like it. Although it is certainly not a relaxing and enjoyable procedure, it is very fast and soon you will enjoy only the advantages of benefits of getting a bikini wax. Before heading to a summer holiday, make sure to consider the treatment, because it will take away any worry about shaving, while you are laying on the beach in your tiny bikini.